Data Dump — USB Artwork

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The humble and everyday auspices of the debit/social security identification card, the physical medium for some of the most important data necessary for functioning within contemporary society. These modern artifacts have been liberated from their prescribed use, a USB memory stick discretely implanted within the format, for aesthetic and counter-surveillance purposes. It is imperative not to let this device fall in to the wrong hands.

The contents of this card is a digital data dump. Art, unfinished manifestos, polished pop ballads, never seen video classics, useless html code, audio confessions, low resolution photography, stolen recipes, industrial gronk music and more. New material has been produced and retrieved while off grid in a safe house within Cork city limits (thank you Cork Sound Fair): rare Ballincollig dub-plates, Keith Flint tributes, what your brother thinks is the worst song he's ever heard, stolen secret vegan cheese recipes, subliminal Keygen messages and so on. Combined with this is a vast range of data in varying formats which has been received from collaborators and co-conspirators; the Human League for androids, Cobh Sunsets, interviews pertaining to secret data centres on Dublins outskirts, documents and folders rescued from obscurity and much more...
You are encouraged to add and edit each USB as you see fit. Have fun navigating the contents!
Transmit and wreak havoc on the program.    

Curated by Coilin O’Connell and Michelle Doyle.

Featured Artists: Michelle Doyle, Eva Richardson McCrea, Cóilín O'Connell, Dylan Kerr, Cliona Ni Laoi, Jennifer Moore, Dean McGrath, Dennis O'Connor, Janina Fritz, Leo Ravy, Declan Synott, Frank Sweeney, Repeater Collective, As We May Sink, Ciara O'Kelly, Mick O'Shea, Dennis McNulty, Bodycam, Eilis McDonald, Hua Shu & Nora O'Murchú, Steven Harrington, Eamonn Ivri, Cáit Fahey, Max Kelan Pearce, My Goodness Food, Alfred Brooks and Dylan Deally.

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